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Welcome to WWW.Clear My Criminal Record.com, the only proffesional law group delivering results in Los Angeles. We have fought and WON 99% of all our Expungement, Pardon and Certificate Of Rehabiliation cases. You can call WWW.Clear My Criminal Record.com right now and get answers to your questions about your criminal record and we will provide you with a solution on how to bury your criminal record and put it behind you. Or choose to browse through our Q & A page and get answer to some of your about your questions about your criminal record.

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J.C. Rodriguez B.A.
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"..... I was stressed out, I couldn't get myself a job if my life depended on it, because of my criminal record. People just didn't want to hire me because i had a felony. I listened to what Clear My Criminal Record .com said, and with in a few weeks I was able to here back from the courts telling me they dismissed my conviction and cleared my criminal record, thanks a lot to everyone at www. Clear My Criminal Record.com "

-Amanda -Sacramento,CA 2000

Serving Los Angeles Area, San Fernando Valley, Sacramento Valley and the Bay Area, for a proud 15 Years!

www.Clear My Criminal Record. com
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